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The Secrets to Achieving Extraordinary Email Marketing Results Revealed!

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, coach or author…

You know that email marketing is an important key to growing your business, your coaching practice or your readership, but… 

> There never seems to be enough time: You’ve got better things to do with your time than doing email marketing — like coaching, writing and serving your clients — maybe even counting your money!

> Inconsistency is hurting your brand: You send an email here and there and often only when you have something to sell, then wonder why no one is buying.

> Technology stops you in your tracks: You just don’t want to learn how to use another piece of software. Technology scares you a bit and you’re afraid of doing it wrong.

You may be like many business owners and coaches who are held hostage by time and technology when it comes to creating email marketing that gets results.

Marty Marsh Creative’s Stay-in-Touch Marketing Service sets you free and gets you the leads that turn into clients.

Don’t do it alone!
Get Your Email Marketing Done Stress-Free —
and Without the Nightmares!

Here’s what we can help you with…

Lead Magnets

You must have a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something — a PDF report, checklist, tip sheet, a video series, a free course, a free webinar — that is given in exchange for an email address of your prospect. Your lead magnet needs to be something that says to your prospect, “This person gets me, I want to know more.”

Email Marketing Planning & Strategy

Before you embark on an email marketing program you must think through your strategy. We help you make decisions based on one thing only: what do you want your email marketing to accomplish? Is it to make sales? Is it to educate your prospects? Is it to keep yourself top of mind at all times? What is it that you want to accomplish?

Just look at what’s in your own inbox right now. How much of that email just plain sucks? The truth is, most email marketing messages do suck, but yours don’t have to.

When we work through your strategies your emails will never suck. In fact, your prospects will look forward to hearing from you.

Import Your Email Subscriber Addresses & Emails

Keeping your list up to date is extremely important. Once you’re set up with an Email Service Provider (ESP) you’ll need to import all the names and addresses of your subscribers to get started. If you’re moving from one ESP to another, we can handle the importing process for you freeing you up from the hassle.

While later on almost all of this will be handled automatically by your ESP you may acquire a few names here and there — say from a conference you attend as a presenter, or from a networking event — that will need to be added to your ESP manually. You just give us the names and their addresses and we’ll add them for you.


Email List Management

Email marketing is really not a set it and forget it tool. Someone needs to keep a close eye on your email list to make sure it is working the way you want it to. We will keep an eye on your list and manage bounced emails as well as any SPAM complaints you might get. (It happens to the best of us!)

We’ll manage your email account and involve you only when questions arise or decisions need to be made.