Use Email Marketing

 To Level The Playing Field

For Your Small Business

I’m here to help.

As a small business owner, coach or author…
You know that email marketing is an important key
to growing your solo-business or coaching practice, but…


You’ve got better things to do with your time than doing email marketing — like coaching and serving your clients.


You send an email here and there and often only when you have something to sell, then wonder why no one is buying.


You just don’t want to learn how to use the email service providers. Technology scares you a bit and you’re afraid of doing it wrong.

Many solo-business owners and coaches are held hostage by time and technology when it comes to creating email marketing that gets results.

Marty Marsh Creative’s Stay-in-Touch Marketing Service sets you free and gets you leads that turn into clients.

Most Email Marketing Sucks

(Yours Doesn’t Have To)

With Marty Marsh Creative’s Stay-in-Touch Marketing Service, you’ll…

…never worry about your email marketing messages going out on time.

…never worry about having enough great content to share.

…never worry about having to master technology that is both confusing and difficult.

And never send an email marketing message that sucks.

If you would like your email marketing messages created and scheduled to your
email service provider for you so you can focus on other aspects of your
business then let’s talk about how we might help.

Want to learn more about Marty’s Stay-in-Touch Marketing System and see pricing,
then please download my portfolio here.

We specialize in ConvertKit and to give you the absolute best email marketing results.

Let us do for you what we do for Leslie Spoor each week…

Executive Errands® has been working with Marty Marsh Creative since 2014. Marty formats and publishes our newsletters four times a month and has done the creative work on several booklets for us. He even creates t-shirt designs for us along with other graphic, design and layout projects. Not only is Marty experienced in all facets of marketing, publishing and creative development, he is flexible, kind, and a very easy person with whom to work. We highly recommend Marty Marsh and Stay-in-Touch Marketing for all your email and creative marketing needs!

Leslie Spoor

President, Executive Errands© Concierge Services

Let’s Do Some Great Work Together!

Email Marketing is for one thing only — converting prospects to buyers.

Let us help you…

  • Create a marketing strategy that works best for your unique business or practice
  • Attract the best prospects to your list
  • Create an onboarding sequence that converts prospects faster
  • Create lead magnet and list-building tools
  • Produce and send your emails — regardless of how often you mail
  • Interpret sending-data so you can make better decisions
  • Get your emails written without ever lifting a finger
  • Meet your email marketing goals — every time you mail

Getting Started is Easy…

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s get on the phone for a chat to discover the best solutions to your email marketing challenges.

Design a Plan

We’ll create a plan of action for getting your email marketing underway and to keep it going.

Execute the Plan

Have confidence in knowing that your email marketing goals will be achieved. Leave it to us to get it done for you.

Make email marketing work for you. We can help.


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